David Broussard (dbroussa) wrote,
David Broussard

Filtering my life

Of late I have found that certain of my friends and acquaintances have taken a tack in their conversations that cannot abide any longer.  That is their unalienable right and I won't infringe upon it.  However...I am tired of reading about it.  It serves no purpose in my life and has gotten to the point that it is detrimental to my personal happiness and conduct to read and respond to some peoples words.  LJ isn't the issue as no one posts here and the couple of communities that still do are fine as they appear to still engage in polite conversation.

So, I have adopted a policy for this calendar year (at least).  If you say something that offends me and makes me angry...am an going to unfriend you on FB (and LJ...well only if you post there).  I will very likely add people back that are truly friends in 2013 (assuming that I decide that FB/LJ is how I want to stay in touch with people still in 2013).  I am not asking anyone to stop saying what they desire, but I do not have to listen to it, and I won't.  If you want to think that this is my problem...then so be it...It is my problem, and this is my solution.  It comes from the actions of a friend in 2008 who did the same thing when his friends ticked him off that election year.  It appeared to work for him and so, that is why I am doing it.

So, since I don't lock anything...you should all be able to see this...but I may or may not be reading you.  
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