David Broussard (dbroussa) wrote,
David Broussard

Couple of Things

I have been a bit down of late.  Some of this is work related (you know, having to do things you don’t want to at the office…stuff like that).  Some if it as been political (mostly the recent OBL stuff and the immediate partisanship exhibited by both sides, coupled with a bit of preachy we shouldn’t be celebrating stuff, and mixed with a healthy dose of local political insanity).  Some has been personal as I allow my mind to dwell on things that I should do my best to avoid.  But one thing that has bugged me the past week or so is that I finished the series of books I was reading last week (a re-read of the Belisarius series by Eric Flint and David Drake).  I had forgotten how it ended, so I re-read it and it was still enjoyable. 

Since then, I have floundered at trying to figure out what I was going to read next.  I DLed a sample of Andrew Breitbart’s book, but it didn’t catch my interest…while I understand his emotion and agree with much of what he is talking about, I’m just not in the mood to read an angry screed that is trying to call me to greater political involvement.  I also read a couple of stories from the latest Valdemar short story collection Changing the World, but it just doesn’t catch my interest…I’m not really a short story person, and I have really disliked her last few novels.

I’ve been toying with reading 1632 and its sequels to see if that series can recapture my interest…but…I really could not get into the last 3-4 books in that series (partially because I had forgotten the characters and the stories have become so fragmented).

Nothing on the horizon from John Ringo (I read the Troy Rising book 3 eARC already, and nothing new from him except for a book he co-edited of short stories (Citizens) that interests me less than the Valdemar one.  I tried to read the first five and didn’t finish a single one.

The next S.M. Stirling book (Tears of the Sun)doesn’t come out until later this year (Sept 6th), and the Butcher book (Ghost Story) has been delayed as well (July 26th).  David Weber’s latest Safehold book, How Firm a Foundation (which is starting to read more and more like Honor Harrington) won’t be out until Sept as well (13th), and Moon’s Kings of the North just came out in March so the next won’t be until next year or very late this year.

So, part of my general funk is that I am not reading something enjoyable in my free time.  Thus I don’t feel like I am recharging and my work and personal life is suffering.  I am reticent to try new authors and am having trouble even figuring out what I want to try and read…Military Sci-Fi is my usual fare, or an alternate history.  I wouldn’t mind reading a good non-fiction book (I really enjoyed Packing for Mars by Mary Roach).

I know that one thing that is annoying me is that I would love to read Harry Potter again with the last movie coming out soon…alas no e-Books for those (though rumors persist that it will happen at some point, but I guess not until Rowling needs even more money).  I have also thought about re-reading Dune by Frank Herbert (the only good book in the series, but still a classic), or perhaps Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand (since the movie is out), but spending close to $20 on an eBook is pretty annoying.  I was also thinking of reading some Elmer Kelton, but his eBook library doesn’t have the one book I want to re-read (The Man Who Rode Midnight).

So, my requirements are that it needs to be an eBook (as I don’t read any paper anymore) and it has to interest me…which is the hard part.  Ugh…no wonder I am feeling down.

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