David Broussard (dbroussa) wrote,
David Broussard

Why the Russians are on LJ


I read this today (thanx to maidenjedi for the H/T) and some things struck me as very interesting.  The most interesting point was that the Russian term for Blog is essentially LiveJournal.  There is a Russian word Blog (блог) which phonetically comes across as roughly "blog" so I suspect that it is a loan word.  However, from this article (and I am taking it at face value) the Russian phrase (Живой журнал) or literally Live Journal appears to be sort of like Xerox is for Americans when we talk about photocopying something (or a person in the South ordering a "coke" and meaning any cola.

At any rate, LJ appears to be declining and that is a shame.  I used to love to blog here and discuss all kinds of things.  It's a place for family photos, and political discussions, and memes and jokes and all sorts of things.  FaceBook is quicker and faster and has the critical mass right now and at some point, it will also fall by the wayside.  I doubt that LJ will recapture the energy that is used to have, but...I long for those halcyon days when it was the way that I kept track of people and what was going on in the world.
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