November 7th, 2016

Captain America Pensive

The end of the road and the start of a new one.

There is the desire when things are bed to stand athwart the disaster and yell stop.  I'm past that point and figure that the time is now to throw kerosene on the flickering flames and watch it all burn.  Will that be bad for a lot of people, including me?  Yes, but as I told a friend this weekend, there cannot be unity in the US anymore.  If there is any unity it is an illusion.  Compromise means both sides giving up something and we haven't had that as far back as I have been alive.  Compromise is not, you get what you want today and I might get what I want tomorrow, only tomorrow never comes and you still get what you want.  Compromise isn't you'll delay getting what you want for a few months or years and I never get what I want.  Compromise is for fools and I am done with it.  I want to watch flames purify the cesspool that we have become, even if it means that I get burned.  It is through the flames of destruction that we might return to something resembling what we used to be.  Its doubtful and I give it less than 1% chance of happening, but our current path is a 0% chance.  
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